Avoid Locking Yourself Out Again!

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Have you ever closed a door behind you only to realize that you left your keys on your dining table, on your car seat or sitting on your desk at work? If so, you know the frustration of a lockout. You can try your hardest to jimmy the lock open. Unfortunately, more often than not, DIY methods just don’t work. In the event of a lockout, you usually have to call for help from a 24-hour emergency locksmith. Continue reading to learn how you can avoid locking yourself out of your home, car and office!


Thanks to new technology, locking yourself out of your car isn’t as common as it used to be. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t still happen! Here’s what you can do to ensure you never have to give the pros a call for a door unlock in Des Moines, IA:

  • Check before you lock: Before you hit the lock button on your car door, double check to make sure you have your key with you! Taking an extra second to double check will save you tons of time waiting for a locksmith.
  • Make a spare: It’s not hard for a locksmith to make a spare for your car key. Bring your key to us and we can give you a new key in no time at all.


Getting back home after a long day of work only to find that you left your key inside is frustrating, to say the least. Thankfully, getting your door open doesn’t have to be so hard:

  • Hide a replacement: Everyone should have a replacement or spare key for their home. If your neighbor doesn’t have it, hide it somewhere safe, like in a fake rock. As long as it’s not obvious to intruders, a fake rock or similar product is a great way to prevent yourself from getting locked out again.
  • Buy a lockbox: Don’t like the idea of your key being out in the open? That’s okay! Purchase a lockbox with a code and store your key in there. As long as nobody else knows the code, your key will be safe and sound.


As a business owner, you don’t want any of your employees to be locked out of your building. That’s a major hassle for you, and for the security guards who have to let the employee into the office. You can prevent this from being an issue by spending a little bit of money up front to upgrade your entry system.

Giving every employee a key and hoping they can remember it isn’t the best option. At the same time, you can’t just have a literal open door policy in your office building. Instead, install a keyless entry system at your office and give everyone an access code. As long as your employees can remember a simple code, they’ll never find themselves locked out again.

Though these tips above should help, we know that nobody’s perfect. If you’re unlucky and lock yourself out, don’t hesitate to call Ian’s Lock and Key for a door unlock in Des Moines, IA. Our locksmiths are available around the clock to meet you at your car, office or home to unlock your door. We’ll arrive swiftly to unlock your door, so you can get on with your life!

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