Have You Locked Yourself Out of Your Home? Here’s What to Do

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Whether it’s because you misplaced your key or because you left it inside on the table, you’re likely to lock yourself out of your home at some point in your life. Though we’re always on call to unlock your doors, waiting around for a house lockout service in Des Moines, IA can be frustrating and pretty boring. While you wait for us to come save the day, you can try the following techniques:

  • Use your spare: The easiest way to get in if you’ve locked yourself out is to just use your spare key! Always keep a spare key hidden somewhere outside your home, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble waiting around for a locksmith. Be sure to be clever about where you hide your key, though. Keeping your key under your doormat or above the doorframe seems like a good idea, but that’s usually the first place a burglar will look.
  • Phone a friend: If you have trustworthy neighbors or friends who live close by, don’t hesitate to give them your spare key for situations just like this one. Give them a call, and they’ll be able to let you inside as soon as they can make it over to your house. It’s not a bad idea to give out multiple keys to multiple people in case one person isn’t available to let you in.
  • Open the door with a credit card: If you don’t have your lock-picking kit on you, you might not be out of luck. As long as you’re not trying to open a door with a deadbolt, you can potentially use a credit card to open the door. Slide the card in between the door and the doorframe, and hit down on the lock. If you’re lucky, the door should open right up!
  • Find an open window: This one probably isn’t as likely to work in the winter as in the summer, but it doesn’t hurt to walk around your home to find an open window to crawl into. Just be sure nobody sees you sneaking into your home—having the police show up to prevent a “robbery in progress” would be a little embarrassing!
  • Call a locksmith: Though everyone would like to be the hero and unlock the door without the help of a professional, it’s usually not going to work out. Opening a locked door is harder than it seems and can take years of practice. Since that’s the case, your best bet is to often call a locksmith. We’ll arrive on the scene as quickly as possible to unlock your door, and we can even replace your lock if you think someone may have stolen your key.

Don’t waste your time calling another locksmith service to open your door—Ian’s Lock and Key is available around the clock to meet all of your locksmithing needs. Whether you’re locked out of your home, car or office, we’ll arrive on the scene to save the day. Our house lockout service in Des Moines, IA is extremely affordable and fast!

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