Steps for Deadbolt Installation by a Locksmith in Des Moines, IA

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Many homeowners don’t feel super secure in their homes knowing that only a spring-loaded doorknob and small interior lock is keeping intruders from entering. One way to fix this is to have a deadbolt installed.

Small yet mighty, deadbolts can make your home safer by adding a stronger, more secure steel lock on the inside that can only be opened using a key from the outside. Deadbolts are relatively inexpensive—and certainly less expensive than the cost of replacing items stolen during a break-in!

When you call a locksmith in Des Moines, IA and request a deadbolt installation on your home’s exterior doors, here is the process you can expect.

Finding the right location

The first thing the locksmith will do is locate the proper location for the deadbolt on your exterior door. Typically, deadbolts are installed around six inches above the doorknob.

Once the correct area is marked, the locksmith will drill a cylindrical hole through the entirety of the door, directly in line with the doorknob below it.

After the cylinder hole is cut, a new hole called the bolt hole will be drilled perpendicular to the original hole to allow the bolt to go through.

Preparing for the hardware

Next, your locksmith will use a chisel to remove a section around the bolt hole for the deadbolt’s faceplate. The faceplate should sit flush with the door when it is installed properly. The faceplate can then be screwed securely into the side of the door, followed by the cylinder lock within the larger hole.

With the locking mechanism in place, the locksmith can close the door to see where the deadbolt lines up on the doorjamb. Then, the strike plate, or section of the deadbolt that enters the doorjamb, can be marked and prepared.

A hole for the deadbolt will need to be drilled first. Then a section around the holes can be chiseled out, similar to the faceplate, to allow the strike plate to sit flush with the doorjamb. Finally, the strike plate can be secured with screws.

Double-checking the lock

Once all of the hardware is installed, your locksmith in Des Moines, IA should test the deadbolt using keys and attempt to wiggle the door and lock to see if anything is loose. The deadbolt should slide into the strike plate hole easily without sticking, but should not be so loose or ill fitting that it can be popped out with force.

When everything is tested, you will be ready to enjoy the additional safety of your home provided by your new deadbolt!

Rely on the lock installation experts

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