How Deadbolts Increase Security in Your Home

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Most doors you are aware of have at least one tumbler lock within the doorknob that can be unlocked with a single key. While these locks certainly add an element of security for the home, they can be easily broken. One way to add additional home security is to install a deadbolt lock on each exterior door.

Deadbolt locks come in a few different varieties and are relatively affordable, making them worth the additional peace of mind. The bolt, made of steel, exits the lock mechanism and secures itself in the doorjamb next to the door. This makes it much harder to break and slide open without the operating key.

Homeowners looking to upgrade the security of their doors should consider calling professional locksmith services in Des Moines, IA to inquire about their deadbolt installation services.

Types of deadbolts

There are three major kinds of deadbolts. A single-cylinder deadbolt uses a key to open the lock on the exterior side and a thumb piece on the interior side. A double-cylinder deadbolt requires a key to open the lock on both the exterior and interior sides. A keyless deadbolt may use a thumbprint or passcode to unlock the door.

Residential homes typically use single- or double-cylinder locks, while businesses may use keyless versions.

Benefits of deadbolt locks

Installing a deadbolt in your home’s doors can provide numerous security benefits:

  • Harder to break: While tumbler locks can easily be broken with a crowbar or other form of physical force, the hardened steel bolt and screws are much more difficult to break through, making deadbolts a stronger, safer option to lock your home with. Combined with a tumbler lock, you’ll have double the protection.
  • Takes longer: Deadbolts are not impervious to break-ins, even though they are tougher to break. That being said, it will take a burglar far longer to break a deadbolt lock, which gives you and your family more time to call for help and have the intruder captured.
  • Multiple options: Some homes with windows near their doors can have deadbolts easily opened by breaking the window and reaching through to turn the lock. Thankfully, the numerous types of deadbolts give you options to help you avoid this problem. If you have windows near your doors, you can have double-cylinder locks installed instead, which make it impossible to open doors without a key.
  • Insurance benefits: Some insurance companies will give you discounts if your home is outfitted with deadbolts, since they have been proven to increase home security and lower the chances of being broken into. Not only will you be safer, but you can even save some money, too!

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